Lizzie (pheebie) wrote in ed_ucate,

since someone brought up the skin issue..

I went to get my legs waxed for the first time about a month ago. It was a terrifying experince..
When my friend would apply the strip on the wax and rip it off..the wax wouldn't come off! she had to pick the wax off throughout the entire ended up taking 2 and half hours.
she kept asking what I was doing, if I had ate anything, if I take viatims.. needless to say, that she had never in the 4 years she's been waxing experinced anything like that.
I kept thinking it was because of my bulimia. since then, I started taking my viatims RELGIOULy after that..
anyone had something similair happen to them? I posted something about this on another bulimia message board, and one girl said she had it happen on her bikini area.. scary!


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