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Less consideration for bulimics?

First of all I want to say Im sorry if I make any mistakes writing in english, as Im spanish.
Well, this is my first post in this community (which I love btw, I'm learning a lot!). I have look trough the memories but didnt find anything like my question.
Do the bulimics feel like they are taken in less consideration, both by the normal people and by the doctors?
When I was bulimic, I use to feel like if we were less important in the hospital because we dont (usually) look emaciated and people tend to react as "that's bullshit" when you say you have an ED. This is kinda sad and I wanted to know if I am the only one that was feeling this way.

PS: (nothing to do with this post... hungerbound, I have been diagnosed as EDNOS now, I know you have been wondering about my diagnostic.. my doctors are going to make me go (more) crazy!)

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