skinnybone (skinnybone) wrote in ed_ucate,

hello everyone this is my first post in this community, just want to say hi
i have bulimia and i don't really know that is it one of the reason that make me more violent everyday? because i think i develop the mood swing, but then i don't think it's the serious thing right? and another thing i have bad habit of cutting myself so will that concerned with bulimia in me? because since i realized that i had bulimia( i don't know when exactly) my mood swing got worse and worse and including cutting as cutting serious? do i need the shrink to talk to?? so my cutting habit will be gone, and most of all i hate all the scars on my both arms too, especially on my wrists, i'm scared that sometime if i got very angry and frustrated i'll accidentally cut through my vain and die alone in my lonely apartment(which is there's going to be someone found my body after2 months because i'm just nobody......

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