Wife and Mother. (oxinterruptedxo) wrote in ed_ucate,
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Not so much a question.

There were times when i seriously thought about finding out how to contact the black market and SELL all of my non-neccesary organs (kidney, apendix, even a lung maybe) in order to lose weight (and the money would just be a nice addition to my problem-solving theory).

You know you're sick when you're considering non-legal/professional surgery for weightloss. Well.. at the time i figured i was just smart, and denied that i was sick, whatsoever.

Anyone else ever fantasize about things like that?

....And the little voice in my head tells me to ask if anyone knows how to contact the black market.

ps. i hear an ovary goes on the black market these days for $50,000. (i did ask around slightly on how to contact the black market..-sigh-).

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