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Is it possible to lose weight without triggering an ED?

I mean, obviously, for people who already have an ED.
My bulimia developed when I dieted very strictly for about 4 months back when I was a teenager. I lost weight and reached my goal weight. Then I found I didn't know how to "eat normally", was obssessed with food and completely out of control. I started binging, fasting to make up for it, purging, gaining weight.
I've been up and down since then. I spent a year pretty much recovered, eating normally, and my weight stabilised - kind of.
This year I've been B/Ping alot, and trying to eat normally + healthily in between.
Anyway, my current weight is fairly high for my height, with a BMI of 24.5. I would really like to lose some weight, and go back to the weight I was before I started dieting in the first place, BUT I am aware that it would be awful to relapse really badly back into bulimia (although part of me thinks "well, it couldn't exactly get much worse", I'm aware that it actually could).

So my question is: is it possible to lose weight through healthy eating, exercise, and counting calories, but not restricting too much (I was thinking of about 1500 calories/day) without triggering my ED? and keep the weight off? does anyone have experience with this?

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