digitalandroid yearning for nocturnal assasination (_caminera) wrote in ed_ucate,
digitalandroid yearning for nocturnal assasination

Gender in group binging

As a recovering anorexic/bulimic whose friends are mostly aware of her condition, I've found that girls pressure me more to eat than boys do. However, this is not a new development; as far as I have seen, girls have shared more interest in group binging than boys do as an "activity" in the past, even before I expressed that I had a disorder. Unlike many paranoid anorexics, I don't think it's a "sabotage" thing; some guy said something to me recently that I thought was very funny and very true:

"When guys get together to have a fun night in, they buy a six pack of beers and get wasted. When girls have a fun night in, they buy six pounds of chocolate and stuff their faces."

I guess because we like to binge on what we're normally forbidden, and as always, there's comfort in company. Anyway, here's my point for discussion/question: why do girls find so much appeal in group binging, and or what role does gender play in this activity?

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