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Could any of you girls give me some advice.
I fell ill with flue/virus abou a week ago, quite badly.
It made me quite weak and I don't seemed to be getting over it too quickly.
It made me too weak to go running properly, and running is the only thing that keeps my ed urges not to eat under control.
I need to get strong enough to get running again, hence eat a bit better, and get over my flu. I know I should start eating more to build up my body to fight the flu, but I just can't get over the fact that I will be eating while not running, I just can't.
Stuck in such a trap, and the stupidness of it is unbelievable. It is logical as to what I should do to get over my flu, but I can't unless I am capable of running. :(
How do I break this cycle of thought (temporaraly at least?).


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