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better late than never...

hi...i'm new to this communtiy. i joined/was accepted a few days ago and spaced inroducing myself until now.
my name is kim. i'm 23 years old. hmmm...let's see...i study ballet and have since i was about 5 years old. with a year or so break at the lost age of about 18. i've had an eating disorder for quite a long time. my eating disorder is ednos because i still have my period and my bmi is slightly above 17.

i have a serious problem with fasting, and it seems as though it's much like an addiction. one i don't exactly have figured out. i'm not sure what i like so much about it. i do it alot. usually lasting between 1.5 and 9 days. :/

nontheless this is me and i'm usually open to new people with similar situations.

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