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The power bar that is being analyzed in this lab is “PowerBar Sport,” the bar that is advertised as “Lasting Energy for Sports and Competitions.” It is advertised as a Bar created by a marathon runner to help other athletes reach their full potential by supplying their body with all the essential nutrients needed to perform. To prove this PowerBar sponsors many athletes, giving them money and scholarships in return for being seen eating a PowerBar before a competition or in general. It also sponsors events such as the Boston Marathon in return for placing the PowerBar on the must eat list, a list that tells the competitors what to eat in order for them to have maximum performance.

All of these promotions really pay off as PowerBar is the most sought-after energy bar, and has expanded to include eight different products. Having it so readily advertised also helps people look over the problems that are not apparent on the first glance, and encourages consumers to not do research to find out if PowerBars are actually safe.


Which ingredients a PowerBar Sport has as well as how much is recommended to have in one day (based on a 2000 calorie diet)Image hosted by

How Much of a Vitamin or Mineral is in PowerBar Sport and how Much Should be Taken Daily (based on a 2000 Calorie diet
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There are also non-nutritional ingredients in a PowerBar. They are:

Fruit Flavored Sweetener (glucose-fructose, grape and pear juice concentrate</b>

Glucose and Fructose are both monosaccharides, but combined they form one disaccharide called Sucrose.

Sucrose is a sugar as well as a simple carbohydrate. This means that it digests quickly enters the bloodstream quickly which leads to a surge in blood sugar levels.

The only repercussions with having Sucrose as a main ingredient is that after the blood sugars rise is they tend to fall which leads to low adrenaline levels. This can cause irritability and nervousness.

Grape and Pear Juice Concentrate

Because of the high nutritional value of Grape and Pear juice, this ingredient is excellent for weight control and overall well-being. It contains fructose as well as several vitamins and minerals that assist you to maintain a healthy body.

Processing of Findings

Different Groups of Ingredients in PowerBar Spor

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Though PowerBars are thought of as generally healthy as a pre-exercise snack, there are many problems with the PowerBar because of some of the ingredients that they have chosen.

For example, a vitamin/mineral that is present in PowerBar that is terrible for you is DiCalcium Phosphate.

DiCalcium Phosphate is used in the PowerBar to supply your body with Calcium. However, DiCalcium Phosphate is a poor choice for doing so. Because the Calcium is bound to Phosphate, it is not able fully dissolve in stomach acid, it can still be absorbed but insufficiently for proper metabolism

The build up of Calcium in the arteries can cause arteriosclerosis heart disease and should it end up in the tissues, it can cause premature aging

In spite of it’s industry-wide use, DCP is a possible source of kidney stones as well as it is an alkalizer which can neutralize stomach acid and hinder the absorption of other vitamins and minerals. As well it is a mineral antagonist, especially with Manganese, another ingredient in PowerBar Sport

A second vitamin/mineral is called DiPotassium Phosphate and it carries just as many problems as DCP. It is used extensively in the treatment of depression, bulimia and obsessive-compulsive disorders. When being taken it can increase your risk of developing depression and suicidal thoughts, and patients using it should be monitored by a doctor. Unfortunately when someone is taking PowerBars, they are unaware of this and do not consult with their doctor about the consumption of DiPotassium Phosphate.

Those are only two examples of many problems that are apparent in PowerBar Sport

Other Problems with PowerBar Sport
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* The PowerBar label only ‘suggests’ that you drink water for maximum results. For these ingredients, it could be harmful to your body if you do not drink water with it

**These ingredients should be taken regularly and there may be negative side effects if you do not eat a PowerBar at the same time every day/week. Something that is not explained on the label

***It is not known if these ingredients are harmful to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is speculated that it may harm the unborn baby. This is not mentioned on the PowerBar label

On top of all the negative side effects, some ingredients in a PowerBar cannot work with others. An example of this is DCP and Manganese as well as Zinc and DCP. DCP contains both Calcium and Phosphorus which decreases the absorption of Zinc.

Another exmple is copper supplements and zinc supplements. It is not recommended that you take them at the same time, you should take them at least two hours apart. PowerBar sport contains both supplements.


In conclusion, though PowerBar Sport advertises itself as a healthy alternative to a chocolate bar or other energy bars, this is not the case. PowerBar Sport has many long-term problems that may come up because of the consumption of this bar. It may harm your kidneys, may cause depression as well as should have many warning labels on the wrapper to ensure that the consumer remains safe

So if you can prevent it, try to not eat PowerBars and try to eat healthy alternatives instead such as fruit, which provide you with many of the nutrients that you need with fewer side effects.


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