Davey Montague (cocaine_davey) wrote in ed_ucate,
Davey Montague

Hello, darlings. My name is Davey, I'm 18, I'm a gay guy, and I guess I'm currently considered ED-NOS, but I have definite anorexic tendencies.

I have a little sister who is 9, and I'm afraid that my having an eating disorder now is going to affect her when she gets a little older. She knows that I don't eat right, she must see it. So maybe she's going to see that as the normal thing and just...adopt anorexic tendencies. Is that possible? Am I hurting her by hurting myself?

The other thing is, my best friend is this very...emo, quiet, sad boy who has been anorexic his entire teenaged life. He has taken it to a more extreme level than I have, however, and has been hospitalized and nearly died a few times. He was apparantly in recovery, but lately, as my anorexia is getting stronger, his is coming back. I'm afraid that if I continue on this path, he is going to be hurt too.

Thank you.


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