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This is one of those -not too sure if it's allowed here- kind of posts

The Low-Down- I am quite involved with SWEDA (Somerset and Wessex eating Disorder Association). There's an opportunity with them to go into secondary schools and ed_ucate the youth!

They're looking for ideas of what and how to ed_ucate young people-

The brief-

'Hi, I met some people with a fab idea who would like to go into schools in their local areas and talk to young people about eating disorders awareness and help them see the difficulties that emerge with ED and how it can get in the way of your life, career, uni degree etc. etc. etc.'

So... I'm here to pick your ed_ucated brains for what you'd want young people to know- or to have been told about eating disorders whilst in schools. It can be approached as either targeting people who may already have eating disorders, may be developing eating disordered behaviours, may think eating disorders are cool and a diet, or people who may be supporting friends/family with eating disorders.

Any ideas of what people should know and how to go about lurnin' dem?


These are some simple things I think that I/my friends/fellow idiotic classmates/morons could have done with being told, even if they seem ridiculously obvious-

1. Eating Disorders are not cool. You will not make friends, you will just lose the ability to keep the ones you've already got.

2. Being fat does not excuse eating disordered behaviours. If it's disordered it's disordered. Despite your weight.

3. Anorexia and bulimia are NOT diets. They are NOT easy. They only serve to make your life living hell.

4. Anorexia does not equal beauty.

5. Once you start it is near impossible to stop. You are not an exception to the rule.

6. There are better ways to express your emotions. If you're sad, cry. If you're angry scream it from the fucking roof top. Your voice communicates much better than your body ever will.

7. Eating healthy and moderately exercising will make you much more attractive than rotten/missing teeth, frail bones, gray complexion and a face of doom ever will.

8. Sticking your head down a toilet never becomes a pleasant experience. It simply is not worth it.

9. If you want to fit in, go make some friends. Ana is not one of them.

10. Mary-kate looks like a monkey.

11. Depression is not cool.

12. This is not a good way to go about getting attention.

13. If you have any problems, there is no shame in talking about them. there is no shame in asking for help. It shows a much stronger person to speak up than it does to keep quiet and become subsequently ill.

14. An eating disorder affects everyone around you. In a bad way.

15. Everyone deserves to be heard. Even yourself.

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