girl made of fireworks (ohtheaftershock) wrote in ed_ucate,
girl made of fireworks

Lactose Intolerance

I looked through the memories and couldn't find anything about this.

For the past couple of weeks, my stomach & GI have been acting up a lot, and I was thinking it might be IBS, or maybe that something in my diet was just not sitting well with me. I had gas, bloating and diarrhea (I apologize for the graphic description!)
Over the course of a few days I began to take note of what I ate when I felt sick, and started to experiment with eliminating certain food groups from my diet.
I did a little research, and I'm starting to wonder whether I am lactose intolerant, because whenever I have dairy products, is when I feel sick. I've never has problems with this before (or at least they weren't severe enough to notice) and so I'm trying to figure out the reason behind the sudden onset. I've been restricting heavily lately, from 200-500 c. per day, which could be a possible trigger.

Also, in my search, I found some comments suggesting that lactose intolerance can onset due to malnutrition or a change in medications. In my case, it's probably malnutrition. I think this is a temporary case, which will probably go back to normal once I have enough lactase in my stomach again to digest the dairy products.

Is anyone here lactose intolerant? How long have you had this?

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