kyraanne x33 (brokenwinqs_) wrote in ed_ucate,
kyraanne x33


Age: 15

Gender: female

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 113

BMI: 20.7


Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-Diagnosed

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Well, my biggest pet peeves would have to be people who complain about themselves binging. And when they post everything they've eaten throughout the day along with the calorie intake, and everything. Come on, some of us are trying to fast, and it's like teasing. Like, ohh. I had this today, and you cannot! Ah, I may have decent control, but some things just tempt me bad. =[ Unfairness. <33 And the complete lack of intelligience that people seem to have about ED's. I'm sure alot of you share that one with me. (Most) People are dumb.

How I found my way here: Another Community


My Concern. When someone asks questions like "What's ED-NOS mean?" people comment on it and call her/him dumb and critisize her/him, so hopefully things like that don't happen, so I can ask dumb questions. (And I don't mean common sense questions, just ones I want an answer to.) We are here to better understand things, correct?

My Question. Okay, I know what negative calorie foods are, but when you digest them, do they burn the SAME amount of cals they have, or more? And if they burn more, does anyone know the amount they burn? Thanks <3



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