bietan_jarrai (bietan_jarrai) wrote in ed_ucate,

Diets made by doctors: trigger or help to recovery?

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor. She is making a personalized diet for me and she has encouraged me to go to the gym and/or go to the pool. (She doesnt know about my ED, i just said I wanted to get thinner)
My question is: Do you think a "real" diet made by a doctor could trigger even more my ED (or anyone else's)? or, could it be the first step to self-recovery?

If any of you have tried dieting that way before: did you find restricting more than what the plan said or bingeing and purging?

Im really curious about how will I react to the diet and the exercise, I DO think it will trigger me even more and that im gonna be more extrict about my intake and workouts.

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