jaimee (deadpainter) wrote in ed_ucate,

"Happy" Pills

I am very curious to know what everone's opinion is on  treating eating disorders with medication, or just on psychiatric medication in general.

I have been on many different types of meds for major depression and anorexia, anxiety and self injury. I have been on remeron, paxil, prozac, xanax to name a few. at one point I o.d. on my paxil as a suicide attempt and I always felt that my parents were trying to medicate my problems away or shut me up by forcing pills down my throat and drugging me. I had really bad side effects and never felt that my e.d was helped by medication, though my dosage always seemed to be raised and continued.  Whenever i was hospitalized in treatment facilities or psych wards, i remember psychiatrist almost forcing medication on e.d. patients insisting that it is necessary and vital for recovery and treatment, along with traditional therapy.
Personally, i feel medications are being over prescribed or used as a bandaid to cover up real issues that are never solved by medication. They can be dangerous and even traumatizing in some situations. I especially disagree with medicating minors unless it is a LAST resort. i agree in some situations medication can help when paired with proper therapy, but I don't think it is right to used medication to "fix" an eating disorder or other behavioral and psychological problems.
I am very interested to know what your feelings and experiences are on this topic because i feel it is a very relative to eating disorder treatment.


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