bietan_jarrai (bietan_jarrai) wrote in ed_ucate,

new on the medical diet

Hi, I have some new on my diet. As I was saying some days ago, I went to the doctor to get a personalized diet. I got a 1200cal diet, which is more or less 3 times what I was eating. Weird thing is that I wasnt loosing weight when I was restricting a lot. I started this diet on friday. I have eaten all that was said in it, no restrictions, no binges, no purging. I even got an icecream on saturday. Today i weight 3 kilos less than on friday! (that must be around a pound and a half).
The diet didnt change much my eatings, I mean, it changed the quantity, but Im eating the same as before: skimmed milk and yogurt, pasta, sandwiches, fruit...
I didnt do more workouts so the only reason I can find to my weight loss is a raise on my metabolic rate.
Have you ever experience this or something similar?

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