anababy_lost (anababy_lost) wrote in ed_ucate,

Troubled Digestion

Is it possible, after constant purging and restricting, for your body to lose the ablity to properly digest food? Also, I know both of these activities slow down one's metabolism, but does that mean the food actually sits in your stomach longer before moving along? I'm wondering because....
I'm a b/p anorectic. Lately I've noticed that that my the small amount of food that I do eat with the intention of keeping down is not digesting properly, if at all. For instance, tonight I purged my dinner and up with it came the spinach that I ate over 5 hours ago. This doesn't just happen with high fiber food either. Also, the other night I ate some black beans, which I pooped out the next morning in pretty much the same state that I ate them in. I'm worried my medicine isn't getting into my system-- I'm on effexor, the time released kind, and the time release balls have been in my poo forever (I just didn't realize what they were until recently). Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do to start digesting normaling?

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