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Rant one.

Dear daddy,

It's hard to get through self-discovery and recover when you're constantly trying to control my life. I'm glad you took the honor of controlling my entire education and I'm taking you up on your offer to pay for college. Just because you went to college immediately after high school doesn't mean I have to do the same, but you took the time to pressure me into going. I'd be easier if you left the decision making to me instead of doing it all for me, then complaining I'm pampered. I'd also be easier to get better if you didn't depress me so much.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to analyze my personality every two seconds. What good comes out of complaining about me? Is there a point? No. Because when I try and sick up for myself you get mad. Pardon me, but your conclusions are completely off and merely a reflection of what an asshole you really are.

You have the nerve to call me materialistic? You live in a giant house in a more wealthy city, in the midst of building a pool. Yet I'm materialistic? You offer to pay for things then use it against me later. What the hell? Oh you did this for me and I'm supposed to bow down and kiss your feet?

I remember you telling me that I'll always be bullshit for the rest of my life, yet you're controlling my every move? Nice. You told me I always wanted things from you, that I don't know how to show love or give any love. All because I wouldn't help you move boxes around? God forbid someone else had a hard week as well. Rather dramatic.

You're always trying to bring others down so you're not suffering alone. Grow up, and stop trying to pick fights with me. From now on, everything you say is just going to pass through my head like a joke. Believe me, everything you've said so far is just one big joke, and hey, so are you. Why not laugh about it.

Ha, ha, ha. Fucker.


I needed to get that off my chest.

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