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A rant

I hope this is allowed. If it violates the rules, I don't mind if it is deleted.

Why does western culture have such a huge preoccupation with food? Why is food made out to be this huge social thing? Why do people always have to go out for a meal if they want to socialise, why can't we do the same thing while going for a walk or something similar? One of my flatmate's friends is staying with us for a few weeks. Because he wants to say 'thank you for letting me share your home' he is cooking meals involving meat, cream, bacon, pasta, and other things that I usually wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. If I turn down those meals due to the fact that I can't deal with 1000 calories worth of fat polluting my body, my actions are interpreted as being rude. If I turn it down in favour of my trusted under 100 calorie tuna and raw vegetable creations, I am even worse than rude.
Meeting new people usually involves getting invited out to dinner. This is marginally better because it gives me an option of what I order, the problem is that I don't deal very well with food that someone else has prepared and I haven't been able to watch the preparation. Then the questions start: 'Is that all you're having?' 'You're so skinny! Are you sure you're okay?' bla bla bla. I hate that kind of attention on me and my eating habits. I wish people would just back off and mind their own business.

Thanks. I feel much better now that I got that out.

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