so_____envious (so_____envious) wrote in ed_ucate,

So here`s the deal. I`m not super skinny or anything .. I have an athletic build, so I`m fairly muscular and have a flat stomache. I have love handles that drive me crazy. But my main concern is the fact that I have no boobs. I know that a lot of you guys favor small chests, but it isn`t proportional to my body. I have less than an A .. I don`t even fit into an AA right. Maybe I`d look better 20 pounds lighter, but I`m just not. When I was a fat little kid a few years ago I had bigger "boobs" than I do now. I restrict my food intake on most days, and totally binge on others, so my weight flactuates a lot. I guess, in essence, my question is - is it possible that my eating habits effect my chest size ? 0r am I just built weirdly ?Would eating healthier help me gain more of a chest, without me getting too fat .. ? I`m really not sure what to do about it.

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