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The Pro-Ana movement... weird?

I searched the memories and I couldn't find anything quite as similar to this, I hope it's appropriate.

Does anyone else think the whole pro-ana movement is really, well... weird? I mean, when you pick it apart, the whole idea is very strange. The pro-ana creed, commandments, the whole idea of thinspiration, the idolization of Mary Kate Olsen, treating mental disorders as people and actually referring to them like the exist in real life... it's ridiculous. And also the fact that girls who on some level have to know that they are not really anorexic go out of their way to pretend and prove that they are to strangers on the internet?! My friend called me up recently and told me about how she had stumbled across a pro-ana community and found it extremely abnormal and could not believe something like that existed in such large numbers. I can understand communities in which people who are actually disordered offer support to one another (which do exist), but it doesn't make sense why so many communities are created that encourage eating disorders by people who do not actually even have EDs.

It also drives me to wonder why eating disorders are types of diseases that some people on tend to find glamorous and appealing. I mean, you never have heard of pro-bipolar or pro-schizophrenia or pro-clinical depression. These are also mental disorders but there are no communities in which people encourage them and those who are not diagnosed pretend to have them. In reality, encouraging any dangerous behavior or pretending to suffer from a real problem when you do not, is not a smart thing to do. But to have such a large amount of people who actually take time out of their lives to go on the internet and pretend to be sick is not just wrong, it's disturbing.

Whew, that was long. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

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