skinnybone (skinnybone) wrote in ed_ucate,

has anyone ever think that being in a relationship make you binge and purge more??
in my opinion, since i've been in relationship..
i quit clubbing..( which i used to go all the time and that made me dance and burn more calories)..
i quit dating a lot of guys in the same time ( which is called "fun" for me and keep me distracted from eating )..
i like dressing up for going out clubbing which i spent a lot of times picking my clothes or going out shopping

instead all i do when i'm in relationship
i stay at home waiting for my boyfriend to come and cook for him( apparently i have to eat too)
i rent a lot of dvd and watch with my bf with snack during movies ( eat again)
i can't go out at night, so bored at home ( eat again)

so basicly, everything is involved with eating and eating and eating..the more i'm at home being good girlfriend..the more bordom i get..the more i eat..the more i purge

but i still love him so much tho
how can i change this???

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