starvation (romantic_fuck) wrote in ed_ucate,

So I’ve been officially diagnosed with bulimia by 3 different doctors, and in a few days I’m going to a residential treatment facility called Center For Discovery, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this place, or maybe residential centers in general. I’m scared, for a lot of reasons. I no that I do have bulimia, I just don’t understand why I’m scared they're not going to believe I want help, because I really do. I want to eat because I’m hungry, than move on with my day. I don’t want to starve until I have to eat, than eat everything in my house and purge it up. I want to learn how to cope, and not have to associate everything with food. I’m just scared. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experience and if they liked it, how it helped, if it helped. Even what there room was like and if they thought the schedule was suitable. Anything is much appreciated, thanks ahead of time guys.
Love Chelsey.

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