The maiden with wrought iron soul (pancakesandsex) wrote in ed_ucate,
The maiden with wrought iron soul

Animal Therapy of sorts?

This discussion from a while ago Pets
is sort of related to my question.
I was thinking of getting a dog, hoping it will help me in recovery. This was lightly touched upon in the previous discussion, but I'd like a little more opinion if possible.
Have any more of you found that a pet helps in recovery? My thinking is that being a bulimic, my first step is to try to stop the binges in the first place. My thinking is that having a pet may keep my mind off of binging and as a consequence, purging as a stress relief. The animal will become my distraction in a way, something to focus my energy and something to care for etc...
So thoughts anyone? suggestions?
(btw, I live in a small apartment/studio. I need a tiny thing! No labs unfortunately...)

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