Silence All These Tears (peachbear17) wrote in ed_ucate,
Silence All These Tears

ive looked in the memories but have not found the answer to these questions. Please feel free to delete this post if its in any way inappropriate or redundant.

I have two questions, both having to do with the effects of starvation on your body.

Lately I have been slipping up and not eating as much as i should (max intake for the past month 800-1,000 calories/day). I have also been lifting weights, trying to build some muscles in my puny arms. In the past,(no matter how many calories i was consuming) when i would lift weights i was always very sore for a day or so afterward. Lately i can not seem to fatigue my muscle AT ALL. I am not implying that i have super strength, but that i cannot seem to use my muscles properly. Has anyone noticed this to be an effect of a low calorie/semi starvation diet?

I am also wondering if it is possible for your body to completely adapt to a lower calorie intake, making it impossible to consume more without gaining weight? I am aware that any reduced calorie diet will lower your metabolism, but exactly how low can it really go?

Im trying to loose fat and build muscle. Not loose muscle and gain fat.

I'm worried ive just screwed myself.

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