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Nighttime Eating Syndrome

Just copied off, but I'd never heard of ths before & thought i would share:

Yes, there is actually a name for the tendency to fumble around the fridge, poke in the pantry, and nibble anything that’s not nailed down after dinner—nighttime eating syndrome, or NES. Do you have it? The key symptoms are (1) skipping breakfast at least four times per week; (2) consuming more than half your daily calories after 7 p.m.; and (3) having difficulty falling—or staying—asleep more than four nights per week.

Your two best weapons against NES are a good breakfast and a good lunch. It also helps to keep your trigger foods out of the house and to keep healthy snacks close at hand. As soon as dinner is over, brush your teeth (or pop a piece of strong, minty gum) and clear away the leftovers. Finally, keep a list of ways to keep yourself busy in the evenings. If you choose to go out, take just enough money for your activity so you aren’t tempted to stop for dessert.

More info on NES:

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