lightasabrick (lightasabrick) wrote in ed_ucate,


Since this community is one of the most honest and real that I have stumbled across, I feel safe and also a little curious to tell you about myself, and get an honest opinion in return.
i am 20, nursing student, eating disordered?
there's the question...
here's my story:
at 15 started dancing ballet very serioulsy, long story short, lost about 20lbs putting me at just over 93lbs (5'5")
previous to this I had dabbled with bulimia, throwing up once in a while (maybe 4-10 times/month)
i was never officially diagnosed with anything, good liar, stupid doctors...but now here i am
109lbs, purging regularly (i fit diagnostic criteria for bulimia), taking stacker 2's, totally obsessed with food, fat, body, food....but still feel a poser, a fake...
i guess i am just looking for confirmation/acceptance/validity?

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