sugarmesweet (sometimeanytime) wrote in ed_ucate,

Pam Cooking Spray

I just checked the memories and learned lots of super neat info about fats but I'm left with this question:

How the fuck is Pam calorie-free? I'm reading the bottle and this is what it says:

Calories 0
Fat 0

But the ingredients are: canola oil, grain alcohol, soy lecithin, propellant.
Canola oil = fat & calories, no?
There is this little bit of info in a subscript below the canola oil that says this:
"adds a TRIVIAL amount of fat"

This led me examine the serving size and here is my theory:

Serving size "about 1/3 second spray or .27 grams"
So I think that they are rounding down to zero and 1/3 second spray is below .5 calories so they are calling their product calorie-free.

OH! I found (on their website) a different bit of nutrition info:
a 1-sec spray of Pam = 7 calories!!!! (and <1 gram of fat)
So that makes sense...7 divided by 3 = 2.34, which they round down to zero.


So I guess I don't have a question anymore, but I'm still posting this in case you ever wondered the same thing.

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