Tess (mythomaniac) wrote in ed_ucate,

Life after BED?

I've got a few questions about recovery from BED, aimed specifically at people who have experience with it. (I appreciate anyone else wanting to help, but I need to hear from people who have managed or at least attempted BED recovery right now.)

1) Is it, or do you think it is, possible to recover by oneself, without professional help?

2) Should the person attempting recovery tell friends and/or family about it?

3) Is there any advice you could give to a person attempting recovery? How exactly does one go about it?

4) What should one expect from recovery? Is it possible for a person to be formerly addicted with BED? Can a person who has at one point had this disorder ever eat and think about food in the way that other people do? Are there kinds of food (e.g. sugar) that they will never be able to eat again?

Thank you very much for your time!

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