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Thought this up while trying to get to sleep. I looked through memories, and didn't see it, so hopefully it hasn't been posted. I'm a bit proud of this for some reason...
There was once an article here about lightness and how it goes with literature. Well, I thought about the world's standards. A long time ago being fat was considered a good thing, it meant you were of good health, signs that you'd be a good candidate for motherhood etc. I don't mean like in the 1600's, because even then women wore corrsetts -sorry, I cant spell- therefore being thin was still "in". Now, why was seeing a women with more weight on her a better thing compared to now, besides the reasons stated, because then there was more competition for food. I suppose I'm thinking of when humans were only in small tribes. So since food and life wasn't in abundance then -because medicine hadn't been invented yet- the goal for the world was to seek someone who was a great winner in this goal. Now that we don't have to compete for food and life as much -depending on what countries your looking at- if at all, the world looks to set a new goal, being fat isn't condsidered a good thing anymore, all you have to do is go to some place and eat. But, being thin, in a strange sense, is like trying to go against the world, it's setting a new goal, completely different from the one first put. And the rebel is always mysterious to people no? -not that I think that way, I'm just putting what the world might be thinking..- And although there is a very BIG HUGE difference between people who are just thin and who have an eating disorder or are becoming thin or trying to etc. because they have an ed.... people can't seem to just the "thin" goal go away. So -some- try to help those who do have an ed, but the world still shows us that being thin equals beauty, so, as some recover, as some try to, more people are becoming obsessed and find this "escape".
I want to make it very clear that I don't think everyone with eating disorders has an obsession with being thin, I've had friends who were at low weights and thought themselves to be too thin, but of course they couldn't stop their ed because to them it is their escape -as has mine-.
I really hope this makes sense to you guys.....

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