love (superkute) wrote in ed_ucate,

question about lanugo

i did a lot of googling of lanugo and anorexia but only the basic information came up. i was hoping you guys could provide me with a little more information.

i developed lanugo at a bmi of around 17.5. i entered outpatient treatment with a bmi of around 16.5. i gained 9-10 pounds during the course of treatment and i am now at a weight that is no longer of an anorexic bmi but i am still underweight.

my problem is that even though i weigh more now than i did when the lanugo developed, it is still there (worst on my arms, my upper back, and my face) and it actually seems to be thicker than it was initially. i know i have more body fat now than i did when i started noticing it and it is really bothering me that it hasn't even started to go away.

i guess my question is when does lanugo start to lessen? is it a certain time frame or a certain amount of body fat that causes it to lessen? i hate having fur and i want it to go away.

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