lain (lain666) wrote in ed_ucate,

2 days ago I was listening to the radio, 79.1X -alternative- when I hear "This is Mary-Kate Olsen, here to talk about summer fashion." Now, I'm thinking, strange, why would the Olsen twins be advertising a new line on this station, when I hear, "so you have to look good, and you know what that means, yup, I'm throwing up from 2 times a day to 3." And how later she'll go to 4 times.I'm in shock. Then the impersonator is saying how there should be better pictures taken of Terri Shyivo -I dont know her last name-. That she looks so dead, and they need to get her better side. Then she starts talking about how Terri should've done Coke instead of just drinking water, because "you know what they say, a blunt a day keeps the feeding tube away." And at the end she says something like why are you all staring at me, what? I'm just saying...
How the heck.. I don't have words. My friend said not to get mad, because it doesn't have to do anything with me. She knows about my eating disorder, and appearantly doesnt understand that this kinda crap, aswell as the bulimic anorexic joke I heard in Spanish today, does pretain to me, since it shapes how people look at eating disorders... I dont think this lil comrercial was humoruos, I find it sick.

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