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I saw a post to ask about the first one but not to follow up about the thoughts on the next one.

What does everyone think now?

I like it I think. I mean, it doesn't galmourize it at all I don't think which would be one of the main things that would irritate me. It's kinda graphic though, in the first one with the police officer vomiting in the street the way he did. I winced and kinda got a little teary because it was accurate to how it can be I think, just the intesnity and pain behind that whole thing. I also like it because it shows how their eating disorders effect the other parts of their life. I didn't like the misdiagnosis though...and I didn't like in the second episode that she was saying to her father "I could get thin enough to be hospitialized, you know. I could get underweight, that can be your present for next year." sort of thing because while i could relate wanting to say that sort of thing out of frustration, actually doing it made it seem like maybe she was almost...boasting, you know, in some sort of weird way.
I also really liked that most of the characters were men, I'm not entirely sure why maybe because I think people kinda neglect that it effects men too.

I think I may find the show a bit offensive as it is but I would find it more offensive if it wasn't made by someone who has actually suffered from an eating disorder (or so I heard). I hope that if it does get cancelled that it's not for awhile because I find it interesting. I'm a little obsessive about eating disorders though, I read, watch, listen, and look at everything that has to do with them.

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