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I wrote this [poem] yesterday and I thought it was relevent. I'm not sure if it is triggering or not, so I decided to put it behind a cut. Feel free to tell me what you think!

But before that... how does hunger make you feel? If it was an animal, what would it be? If you want, create an animal with combined characteristics of different animals. Fun discussion, yes?

What’s your name again?

                Oh yeah, it’s Hunger.

How could I forget ? you with

your dull fangs and throaty

growls. I love you as one adores

                       a lover

for that is what you are . we play

this game in the dark, not unlike another

with whips and chains you

think I deserve it. I think

I deserve you . you and your hideous

face with the pretty lips nose

eyes that kill.

Your bites are of love, your

sounds are of pleasure.

You touch me

                everywhere and

          make me shudder.


I want you.




(c) 8/21/05 Amanda Jordan


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