so_____envious (so_____envious) wrote in ed_ucate,

Ability to Vomit

0kay. I searched through the memories and found nothing on this. Maybe that`s because it`s innapropriate, but if not, here I go. I LJ-cut it, just in case, and because it is a teeny weeny bit graphic.

I was wondering if some people just can`t make themselves throw up. Is it possible to lack the physical ability ? Is it possible to L0SE to ability to vomit, whether naturally or enduced ?

The last time I threw up, I was about 5 .. maybe 6 or 7. I threw up naturally when I was sick or when something didn`t sit right in my stomache. It wasn`t common for me, but it happened .. maybe, once or twice a year. I haven`t vomitted since. I`ve felt so sick that I felt I was going to, but just didn`t. I`ve experienced the whole throwing-up-in-you-mouth-and-then-swallowing-it thing. I have tried to make myself throw up on several occassions. I don`t even gag. Am I just not .. reactionary to this ? Do I not eat enough to be able to release it ?

The only times I ever feel like throwing up are when I only drink water all day long and don`t eat food, and when I drink a lot of water and play sports, whether I`ve consumed food or not.

Anyway, I`ve rambled a lot, but hopefully my questions are clear enough. ( At the beginning of my entry )

If anyone has any information on this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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