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I'm having a hard time understanding this. I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She's anorexic. 5'4 and currently 92 lbs -she's gained a bit of weight because of recovery, usually she is in the lower 80's, I'm hoping one day she'll recover-. She told me that her friend was trying bulimia, and she was beginning to as well. I told her that you don't "try" being bulimic, you become it. Later on she said that she had become attached to "ana". That it was going to be hard without it. There have been at least 4 times where someone has asked me how do you do that spit and swallow thing? How do you not binge, how do you throw up, what is the right way about going an eating disorder in general, etc. Even things such as how's your ""diet" going hehhe", after I had told that person that I'm trying to recover the day before. I know that people dress eating disorders up, because it's easier to just ignore the fact that it's a disease, and to pretend it's more like some ultra diet or something-since many don't think of such eating disorders as compulsive overeating, and look at anorexia like a trend-. I mean, it seems like some twisted game at times...this cycle of abuse..of obsession.. But I don't comprehend how someone who has an actual eating disorder, could say she's "trying bulimia". I thought people were more educated than that... I'm no genious myself, I actually wasn't sure if an eating disorder was considered a disease and not just a disorder till 7 months ago. However, not even within the first months of my eating disorder did I think of it as a fab...or as something as ignorant as "trying to become it".  There were other things said which had me raise an eyebrow, but I don't want to say anymore. I just wanted to let out some thoughts.

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