lain (lain666) wrote in ed_ucate,

I wrote this a week or so ago...and the thought came that maybe I should share it. It has to do with eating disorders, a close friend, and well.... I think you get the gist of it. It''s an okay poem I guess. Please dont throw rocks if you don't like it or think is irrelevant.

"I'm wondering what life is. Death seems to be closer. The lies add up like all those cheap chocolate's we used to get when we were younger. It's 9:54 p.m. tonight. Our days have passed us by. The disease, the disorder, it's become one with our blood. It won't stay away, just like the bangs you put behind your ear. The seconds pass by needlessly.... my dear... I'm so tired.... can't we just sleep? Without the flashbacks haunting us every second of everyday.... I don't smile much, only when you say hello. And, I don't look too good physically, yet, you still compliment me just about everyday. I think though, when you say I'm beautiful, you mean my soul more than anything. And really, I prefer that I think, because, thats what really matters. A beautiful soul is more beautiful than an attractive physic, ain't it? A beautiful soul never ages, never goes away. Unlike the bodies we are caged in, and abuse. The spirit is always there, even in death. Death scares me, because.. I don't want to lose anymore people I care about. *sigh* What a world we live in these days. No day is promised, so don't take it for granted. No laugh is garunteed. No love... either. But, you can hope. You can pray if you'd like. You can...still smile, although your... dieing... either way, you still seem to feel the need to find an easy way out, don't you? I'd like to take a picture of you one day. But, I think your beauty can't be captured in such a prititive way. Though, it'd still be nice to do it. What do you say?"


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