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Como Estas, Beetches.

Hey! I have to be up for work in 4 hours and 45 minutes! Rad!

Thank you to all the new members who have filled out an app. All have seemed quite neat.

The application is not an option. It's a "get to know you", "let's see if you're not a troll" post. It's not a deny or accept form. I'm strict about it. ineedtosin and just_a_medicine, I appreciate you joining, yet I see no app. Contact me on my personal journal or comment here on why you haven't, or you'll be blissfully removed in 1 week (I was going to say 24 hours, hb won out with 1 week. Think of her as "good mod" and me as "bad mod"). I randomly join communities then forget to post the app as well, though. No hard feelings.

Now! On with the SKELETORS!!!!

I was really really fucking bored.
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