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antacids after a binge

Do any of you use antacids after you binge? If so, why? Does anybody know if they do anything beneficial for your stomach or body in general after a binge, or are they actually harmful (in the sense that they prevent digestion or something)?

The reason I'm asking is not because I'm looking for tips or anything. I don't really know how antacids work, other than the generic "neutralize stomach acid" description. But I figured that if it neutralizes your stomach acid, then your body won't digest the food as well. Is that wrong? I'm not a big nutrition person.

Usually I eat antacid tablets like candy after I binge. I just eat handfuls of them. I guess I do it because I feel like it helps get rid of that bloated, indigestion feeling. So, basically I'm asking if doing that is helpful, harmful, or just pointless.

Edit: hungerbound found some information if anyone else is interested.

Health Tip: Go Easy With Antacids

(HealthDayNews) -- Swallowing a few antacids after a spicy meal can do no harm, but don't make this a habit, advises the University of Southern California. Taking too many antacids can lead to health problems.

Antacids contain calcium, magnesium or aluminum and large doses of each of these can have dangerous side effects. High quantities of calcium can cause kidney stones, too much magnesium can cause diarrhea, and large doses of aluminum can lead to osteomalacia -- a disease in which the bones become brittle and painful.

Source: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=47637

Side effects of antacids

The possible dangers of taking a large amount of antacids depends on which types you're taking and what they contain - there are many different ingredients. Common ingredients and some of their side effects include:

Magnesium salts: these can have a laxative effect, which can interfere with absorption of vitamins from your diet.

Aluminium salts: these can interfere with absorption of phosphate from the diet, and can cause constipation, loss of appetite, weakness and bone damage if taken in high dose for a long time.

Calcium salts: in excess problems include constipation, urinary disorders, headaches, mood changes, muscle weakness and nausea.

Sodium bicarbonate: may also have a laxative effect and the sodium, if taken in large amounts, can affect blood pressure and cause swollen feet and legs.

Dimethicone: a drug which helps to relieve the symptoms of excess gas. Side effects are rare and usually minor.

Alginates: compounds which float on the stomach contents and form a barrier layer. Side effects are rare and usually minor.

Antacids can interfere with the absorption of all medicines including antibiotics.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/ask_the_doctor/antacidmedicine.shtml


There are a lot of sites that claim that antacids are the anti-christ, are horrible for you, will make you fat, etc. etc. I would strongly caution against taking these at face value unless the article is posted on a genuine health site. Many, many sites employ doctors that write articles solely on the basis of whatever agenda/market the site is appealing to.

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