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Yessir, I checked the memories.
I also tried a google search with a number of different topics, and checked askthedietician or whatever it's called.


I've been having some serious kidney pain in the last week. Sometimes it's been so bad that I've doubled over or fallen down from the pain. It normally is on both kidneys, so I doubt it has anything to do with stones.

A little history:

I drink a lot, but generally it's highly caffeinated diet sodas. I am intaking large amounts of asparatame and splenda, which I know can be problematic.

My pee is cloudy and painful. I also am urinating pretty much every hour or two. That means I wake up during the night a lot to go pee.

These pains are accompanied by the following:

Heart Pain following an increase in my heart rate
Increases in heart rate that last for 5-10mins
Shortness of breath even when sedentary
Dizziness, the feeling that colors are swirling.
Seeing spots or blurred vision
Low blood pressure
BMI 16.6; 5'8" 109lbs
Fainting Spells

I know that these things are liked to EDs, but I'm not sure about the kidney thing. Is there something more serious going on here, or am I just experiencing yet another symptom of my anorexia?

Advice? Information? Helpful links?

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