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I thought this was interesting. In my own little world, this is a big no-no. It's carbs, it's artificial sweeteners, it's preservatives and it's dairy. But apparently it's not evil!

Teen Girls Who Eat This, Weigh Less
(isn't this grammatically incorrect or do the proper rules not apply to headlines?)
I'm almost positive that comma has no business being there.

"Go get a bowl of cold cereal. Teenage girls who frequently
eat cold cereal with milk weigh less on average than their friends who don't eat it."

That's the word from researchers at the Maryland Medical Research Institute who also determined that teen girls who never eat cereal have a 13 percent higher risk of being overweight, compared with girls who do eat it.

The 10-year study followed 2,379 white and African-American girls from childhood through adolescence. The girls lived in Berkeley, Calif.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Washington, D.C. "The number of days eating cereal was predictive of a lower body mass index for the girls in the study," said lead study author Dr. Bruce A. Barton. "Those who demonstrated a consistent cereal eating pattern had healthier body weights and lower BMIs than those who did not."

Nearly one in three adolescent girls is overweight or obese in the United States. Adolescence is a critical developmental stage in a teenage girl's life when becoming overweight can lead to a lifetime struggle with weight. Research shows that being overweight as a child can lead to obesity as an adult. Research also shows that teen girls who are overweight may have a higher risk for developing a negative self-image.

"The study shows that a simple, practical, achievable habit like eating a cereal breakfast can help to prevent the development of obesity during this critical life stage," said Dr. Jim Hill, director of the Colorado Clinical Nutrition Research Unit. "This is significant because we know that weight gain during adolescence leads to a type of obesity that is very resistant to treatment."

 Other interesting findings of the study:

  • Fat content in the non-cereal breakfasts teenage girls choose is 60 percent greater than in cereal breakfasts.
  • A pattern of consistent cereal eating was predictive of lower BMI.
  • Ready-to-eat cereals made significant contributions to nutrients in the diets of adolescent girls.
  • The number of girls skipping breakfast doubles from the time they are 9 years old to 19 years old.
  • By the time girls are 18 years old, fewer than one in 10 frequently eat cereal.

    "We followed girls over a 10-year period, and what we found was striking," Barton explained. "From the age of 13 on, you can clearly see the girls who frequently eat cereal splitting from the majority of girls who do not eat cereal and are gaining more weight. For their age, significantly more girls who ate cereal had a normal body weight, compared to those who didn't eat cereal."


What I'd like to know is which cereals they are referring to. Count Chocula is not exactly weight-conscious dining. But then again, they do advertise all over cereal boxes about those "9 essential vitamins and minerals". Could that be it?

Hmm. This really makes me miss Cheerios.


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