likeyou_butnot (likeyou_butnot) wrote in ed_ucate,

When is ed-nos used as a "cop out" so one can say they have an ed and when is it the real thing. I'm assuming that people who say they have it in this comm really do.

Do you know what I mean? Like a person is of average weight, but they are in "pro" comms and are looking to lose weight for a guy they like.... Sure, they are not able to call themselves anorexic, so they say "ed-nos." However, that too is in my favoite book (the dsm iv rt :)) and had an actual diagnosis, though it is vaige and for people who do not fit into a or b.

Though, I would not consider a person who wants to lose weight for a boy to have an eating disorder. Self-esteem issues and maybe food issues sure, but not an actual ed.  so yeah.... I hope this made sense and that I did not come off all hight and mighty b/c I fear that!.  


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