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Don't Mess With Texas

In many ways modern living goes against the grain of millions of years of evolution. For instance, if you jolt into action in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock and head on remote control for the kichen, with neither brain nor body responding, to make a strong cup of coffee or smoke a cigarette, followed by two pieces of toast with marmalade and a glass of OJ, you, like most people, are living out of line with your natural design. The result can be poor concentration, insomnia, fluctuating "highs" and "lows", energy drops, food cravings, uneven weight, feelings of stress and, inevitably, life-threatening illness.

Our ancestors had no alarm clocks. At dawn light enters through the eyes and translucent portions of the skull to stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands, which in turn stimulate the adrenal glands to release adrenalin into the bloodstream. As adrenalin levels rise we wake up naturally, refreshed and alert. Not so if you wake in the dark to the sound of the alarm clock. Instead of allowing the body to respond naturally we load in a stimulant like caffeine or nicotine. The effect on the body is adrenalin overload. Sure you wake up-but the body's chemistry scrambles to produce hormones such as insulin and gucagon to restabilze soaring blood sugar levels. So let the light in and get up early if you want to experience more energy.

my tips
-sleep with your blinds/curtains open
-sleep later in the winter, in wake earlier in the summer bc of the sun (duh)
-don't eat breakfast until you've been up and moving for about an hour
(your body digestive system isn't in full swing as soon as you get up
-DONT SMOKE! haha, just a suggestion

i'll post new posts whenever i feel like it that i think will benefit ya'll, as well as conveying the point that mental states are very affected by diet and lifestyle. so they'll all be promoting health. the text is taken from 'The Optimum Nutrition Bible' by Patrick Holford unless otherwise stated.

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