falling apart to half-time (___emosexual) wrote in ed_ucate,
falling apart to half-time

Liquid Nutrition?

What do you guys know about SlimFast as liquid nutrition?

My new psychiatrist specializes in Eating Disorders, which is good I suppose. But he proposed the weirdest treatment I had ever heard of for Bulimia. You see, due to constant purging, the paristalsis in my stomach has pretty much come to a halt. So he suggested that I start drinking x ounces of SlimFast every x hours, and the next day drink x+1 ounces every x+1 hours, etc. The idea behind this is that it will get my stomach used to holding nutrition, so I will not feel bloated and sick after eating and therefore feel the NEED to purge.

My worry is what exactly this is, and, as foolish as it is, if it will make me gain weight. The idea of gaining weight makes me want to cry. I've been consistently purging EVERYTHING I eat this week and losing weight. And as much as I say I want to get better, the idea of it terrifies me and I would much rather be thin.

So, what do you know about this kind of treatment?

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