crystal_clear13 (crystal_clear13) wrote in ed_ucate,

Urine Smell

My urine smells, simply put. Not like a normal urine smell, and it's not from holding it (my hubbie's pee always reeks because he only goes about twice a day, ugh). I pee about once an hour due to the amount of water, diet sodas, and coffee I drink to stay full. But somedays it smells kind of musty, I guess, would be the word... Okay, now the kicker (and please don't spaz): I have been taking two Epherdrine pills in the mornings and one at lunch to hold off hunger (no, I'm not suggesting it, just getting all the info out there). I drink about 3 pots of coffee every day, and that's just from 7 AM to 9 AM (when I am teaching my first three classes). Could the smell be due to coffee or the diet pills? Anyone else experience this?? (Either from coffee, pills, vitamins, whatever.)

I doubt it's a kidney infection or a UTI because I have had some bad ones before and it doesn't hurt to pee. The urine isn't cloudy, most of the time it's very light yellow, if not clear. Fasting/restricting/binging and purging doesn't change this.

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