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warning: may contain nuts

This is something I found in another community, and it's so real that it hurts.

Forgive me the grammar mistakes, but I translated it from Hebrew, and the style was rather unique as it is. :)


Do you remember the time when your disorder began?
Was it easy to make the switch between 'life' and 'survival'?
Was it easy to change your habits?

Even now, to get back from 'survival' to 'life' you have to go through a process that isn't easy nor simple, but a process of change, of building, of gathering yourself.

So it's difficult.
And there's all the space for this difficulty.
Because you're going in your own footsteps but backwards,
you fell into the disorder and now you climb this mountain and put it behind you.

It's easier to build than ruin - it's known. And it's felt.
So you had your reasons to adopt these habits of this disease, and they cheered you up and made you stronger.
"Yes, You don't eat and you become thinner"
Well, now during the process of healing, you have reasons to strengthen and comfort you;
Your health.
Your smile. [tell me if you need more reasons]

Are you tired?
It's great. It means that you're using your energies, that you're f-i-g-h-t-i-n-g.
Now, which way are you fighting towards?
Are you dealing with it? Are you cooperating with the treatment? Avoiding binges?

There are results.
Just to keep doing the things you do
And slowly you'll begin to find the connection between your world and other people's.



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