Leggo my Eggo (donotpick) wrote in ed_ucate,
Leggo my Eggo

appetite suppressants

just a thought.......

would appetite suppresants help my bulimia?

sometimes i feel like my bingeing and purging is similar to oral masturbation. there are other reasons why i binge and purge, such as to fill a void and cope with feelings, but sometimes i do it for the pure pleasure of eating.

so, if i'm addicted to this "oral masturbation," would it help if i no longer had an appetite? if you were to suppress the libido of a regular person who masturbates a lot, he or she would probably stop masturbating so much because it won't be fun anymore. if you suppress my appetite, will i still be so keen on bingeing and purging? maybe i'll still purge, but not so much, since i won't be bingeing...

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