btr_thanpacman (btr_thanpacman) wrote in ed_ucate,

rumination purging and bulimia

I looked through the bulimia memories and I didn't notice any obvious entries that have to do with the subject I want to inquire about. So...

After reading the recent entry on rumination and the post-dated entry that it links to, I became curious as to whether it would be considered a bulimic activity to purge the way a ruminater does (what I interpreted as a gentle purging using the stomache muscles to bring up small amounts of food at a time in which the food doesn't retain an acidic taste) and to have all the other bulimic tendencies as well (binging, negative feelings, etc.).

I hope that I was clear. And sorry if I didn't understand the rumination purging right, there might be two topics of discussion here: how a ruminater purges, and if the purging I described could be linked to bulimia.

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