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Just a bit of a vent

Have any of the rest of you who have binge tendencies been put on a restrictive diet for medical reasons? If so, how did you cope with it?

The good news: I had my little one over a month ago, and the BED has not reared its ugly head after all. In fact, all but the last five pounds of my pregnancy weight gain are gone - go me! :)

The bad news: Due to my baby having a severe thrush infection, I'm having to go on a very restrictive diet, and I'm really having trouble coping with the concept. Although it's not strictly speaking low-carb, the first half-day of it ended up being a reminder of why I don't *do* low-carb (it upsets the heck out of my stomach) since most of the things in the house that I can eat happened to be low in carbs - a grocery run fixed that.

I'm going crazy here with wanting all the things that at the moment I'm not allowed to eat, even things I don't normally like. And as it is, I'm losing weight a little too fast for my own personal comfort, since I want to make sure that's not screwing with my ability to breastfeed (my baby's weight gain is slow as it is, probably because the thrush is hurting her and also hurting my nipples, which is making it hard for me to offer to nurse as much as I know I should - she's still below her birth weight at a month old, and almost got diagnosed nonorganic failure to thrive until the lactation specialist noticed the horrible case of thrush). The only diet I've ever been able to stick to since I first had problems with BED is one that emphasizes a lot of things I'm supposed to strictly limit right now. I can't have bread, I can't have milk or some cheese (yogurt and other cheese is OK), I can only eat two servings of fruit per day, and I can't even have mushrooms for crying out loud, and mushrooms are one of my favorite low-cal foods. And of course sugar is right out, and not being allowed to eat it makes me want it more, when I wasn't having very much before. ARRRRRRRRRRGH. *headdesk* Help!

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