Sun In Sky (sun_in_sky) wrote in ed_ucate,
Sun In Sky

Bulimia and Food Intolerance

Did a quick search and found this topic has never come up.

In the past, I have engaged in restrictive behaviour as well as purging and a few months ago I was having bad reactions to lactose (stomach problems, overall feeling of hotness and some psychological distress). Some typical signs of a lactose intolerance.
However, recently I have discovered I am having similar reactions to product with wheat in them: bread, cake, pasta etc. I joined a few food allergy/intolerance communities with my other LJ and found some other ex-bulimics are in much the same circumstance.

My questions are: Has anyone else here experienced similar reactions to specific types of food? Has anyone heard of a links between bulimia/eating disorders and food intolerances/allergies?

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